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Nuivestone company was Founded in 2002. Fields works of  the company are import, export, sale and  supplier of various rocks for many several countries and companies around the world. Nuivestone are proud to have the highest quality and the lowest price for its services and Customer satisfaction which is basic and fundamental principle of this company. The company has branches and offices in several countries, such as Oman, Qatar, Iran and the United States, which are ready to serve you dear customers. In addition to ordering, you can consult with our consultants to determine the type of rock to get the best results for your purposes.
Nuivestone’s Chief executive officers are Mr.Hamed Anafjeh and Dr.Guive Sharifi.

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What We Do Out of Stones


Recently, using stones as furniture such as tables and chairs has become Prevalence throughout the world

Building Facades

Today almost for all buildings, tones are used to make beautiful and attractive facades to achieve these here all wide range of stones We are here to provide what is in your mind

Interior Design

Using stones for walls, floor and etc in interior of buildings makes luxury space Any types and colors of stones have different effect So by our consultation choose the best

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